David Delthony

Escalante, UT


Amer, b
lack Walnut, laminated for strength and durability
The finish is hand-rubbed oil and an oil-based varnish
The desk is 63” long, 41” deep, and 32” high

CLAM is a two-leveled working desk, integrating a balance between material, form, and function.  The upper level (to the right) is inclined for comfortable writing and paperwork.  The lower, horizontal surface to the left is designed for an office machine, computer, etc.   The two levels transition through a gentle curve in the rear, creating additional space between the two surfaces for storage.  The office chair can be situated to the right or left depending on what type of work is being done.  A console in the middle is accessible from both sides and contains two drawers with full extension slides.  The lower drawer is intended for hanging files and the upper one contains interior divisions for storage.  A small drawer for utensils nestles in the edges of the upper drawer, slides back and forth to allow access to the storage beneath, and can lifted out if necessary.  The complete console is secured with a unique central locking mechanism from the side.    

The office chair “SWIVEL” is fully functional and as desired, can be rolled to either side of the desk.  The wooden chair portion covers a mechanical system which allows height and weight adjustment, tilting and swiveling.  Since this office chair is to be used in a more “active” environment than the more “passive” Sculptured Chair III, for example, the lumbar support is not as pronounced, and the sitting position is designed for more upright, desk work.  When a change in position is desired, the seat can be tilted backward and also fixed at a more reclined angle.