Pisti Gamvroulas

Juror’s Student Award Winner
Salt Lake City, UT
Pisti Gamvroulas, Student, University of Utah

True Cost of Fast Fashion Receipt Installation

True Cost of Fast Fashion Receipt Installation
Team: Omar Tsai, Brooke Ericksen, Jessica Huynh
Faculty advisor, Carol Sogard

This installation was created for a Sustainable Design course, and was intended to expose the fast fashion industry's hidden and costly impacts on the environment. Inspired by storefront displays, we designed an installation piece to invite students to engage with the work. The designers’ solution consisted of a 24' long, paper receipt, that confronts students with a list of environmental costs caused by the industry, overfilled clothing bags intended on calling out popular fast fashion companies, and an interactive clothing rack with t-shirts; students were invited to browse through the rack like they would at a clothing store, and learn more about unsafe and unethical human labor practices in the industry.